FAIRAIR systems

Inspired by the power of nature

FAIRAIR natural HVAC systems – high-volume low-cost system solutions of natural air exchange, cooling, heating and air quality treatment, circulation and temperature layer disruption with air flow up to 550,000 m3/hour. The system is based on environment-friendly technologies that meet the demands for extremely long service life, almost zero maintenance, and an outstanding price-performance ratio. The system includes industrial ventilation turbines, high-volume low-speed destratifiers, water evaporizers, air barriers and infrared gas heaters.

FAIRAIR systems represent a new segment of conditioning large buildings with greater cooling than heating requirements.
FAIRAIR systems is a green company involved in the EKO-KOM combined bonding system under contract number KS201840001017.

FAIRAIR Solution

  1. Thermal Imaging
  2. Energy Audit
  3. Technology Dimensioning
  4. Project Documentation
  5. Technology Installation
  6. Revision
  7. Maintenance
  8. Financing


evaporizer fairair

Adiabatic evaporators

High-quality air treatment – Air cooling up to 7°C, humidification

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Fairair ventilacni turbiny

Heat extractors

Average saving of 93% of ventilation operating costs

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HVLS destratification fans

Equalizing the temperature difference to 2°C in winter by disrupting temperature layers.

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Air barriers

Effective sealing between two environments

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Infrared radiation heats the air indirectly by increasing the radiant temperature.

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Main benefits

The main benefits of the FAIRAIR systems are in the following seven areas:

  • Low acquisition and installation costs
  • Easy and quick assembly in existing openings (skylights) without production downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs, long service intervals
  • Elimination of costs for air ducts and air transport
  • Savings on longer building reconstruction intervals
  • Lower sickness payment costs
  • Lower employee fluctuation costs
  • Decreased thermal load on manufacturing, electronic and control devices
  • Removal of odour and volatile substances from production processes
  • Elimination of condensation dripping on production processes
  • Reduced loss as a result of rot or perish
  • Reduced corrosion in (wet) production plants
  • Longer service life of production materials
  • Partial operability independent on power supply in the event of power failure
  • Green technology of natural ventilation
  • Maintenance-free technology with an extremely long service life
  • Renewable energy drive with extremely low power consumption
  • Manufactured from renewable or recyclable materials
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • No need for aggressive media for technological cooling or servicing
  • Reduced carbon footprint thanks to transport of disassembled technology parts
  • Harmless buildings
  • Improved internal air quality
  • Removal of volatile substances, odours, radon, CO, CO2, and smoke
  • Exhaust of smoke in case of fire
  • Increased in-house comfort
  • Elimination of rheumatic, respiratory and carcinogenic diseases
  • Suppression of mites
  • and spores causing allergies and asthma
  • Minimization of costs for powering air conditioning or heating systems
  • Reduced costs for powering ventilation by up to 93%
  • Additional system to existing HVAC solution
  • Reduced energy consumption as a result of renewable energy drive
  • Light technology – operating energy savings
  • Reduced temperature peaks of air conditioning systems
  • Elimination of transport of conditioned air from the central unit via air ducts
  • Reduced thermal load
  • Elimination of condensation and humidity
  • Slower ageing of building materials as a result of temperature swings
  • Reduced building maintenance costs
  • Preserved structural stiffness
  • Improved heat insulation properties
  • Reduced corrosion, mould, rot, etc.
  • Increased in-house comfort
  • Increased safety of the working environment
  • Significant non-financial benefit and CSR factor
  • Increased employee motivation, efficiency and concentration
  • Elimination of error rate and scrap rate in the production process
  • Reduced prevalence of usual and lifestyle diseases
  • Reduced sickness leave

Tested in practice

FAIRIAIR high-volume low-energy free air systems are convenient for application in production halls, logistics hubs, hangars, workshops, airports, shipyards, shopping malls, hobby markets, construction centres, sports facilities, swimming pools, trade fair halls, multi-purpose halls, showrooms, but also in agriculture, food industry, etc.

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